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What is bone conduction glasses?


With bone conduction technology the eardrum is not used to hear sounds, instead, it uses skin and bones. Therefore, the message is directly communicated to the cochlea as vibrations. Sound waves are decoded and converted into vibrations, which bypass the ear canal, eardrum, stapes, malleus, and incus reaching the cochlea directly. This is a fantastic invention to replace normal headphones that require inserting earbuds in your ears.

Some people don’t like having something in their ears while listening to music or making calls since it’s not convenient. Thus, this finding is a big relief to them and sometimes it hurts when earbuds are worn for too long. These bone conduction sunglasses is a good alternative for those who were looking for a solution or maybe the best option for them. Is not it interesting? Keep reading the whole article to know more about bone conduction sunglasses.


Chapter 1: What does bone conduction technology have to do with sunglasses?

Chapter 2: When do you use bone conduction sunglasses headphones?

Chapter 3: Advantages of bone conduction sunglasses

Chapter 4: What is a Wireless Hearing Aid Spouse?

Chapter 5: Disadvantages of bone conduction sunglasses

Chapter 6: What to consider before purchasing bone conduction sunglasses?

Chapter 7: What does it replace?


Chapter 1: What does bone conduction technology have to do with sunglasses?

Surprisingly this bone conduction technology is integrated into the glasses frame. That is why it is called “Bone Conduction Sunglasses Headphones”. To listen to music, you should wear sunglasses. You can listen to music and make calls while paying attention to the surrounding noises. So, your hands are free. Thus, this is a very interesting and also a safer way of getting things done saving your time and energy at the same time. This avoids using noise cancellation technology like ordinary headphones. So, you are aware of any sudden danger within your environment unlike in the use of ordinary headphones. This is very important in minimizing the occurrence of accidents, which is a quite common issue as of today risking the lives of people.


Chapter 2: When do you use bone conduction sunglasses headphones?

You can use these bone conduction sunglasses headphones safely while skiing, biking, hiking, jogging, fishing, driving, and online learning, etc. Hence it is easy to use on the go and appropriate for multiple situations.


Chapter 3: Advantages of bone conduction sunglasses

These are compatible with Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Laptops, and IOS, etc. Other benefits of these wireless glasses include long battery life with short-term charging. That is charging for two hours enables using it for 6 hours continuously. But this battery life may depend on the way you use it. Further battery capacity may differ from one brand to another. Due to the IP55 waterproof standard, it is unlikely to be affected by sweating or rain. Thus, these are both sweatproof and waterproof. Thus, there is no need to be scared, because of the protection it provides against water. So, using these during leisure activities or in any weather condition is possible, thanks to the technology. However, these features of the product would depend on the product manufacturer. Extreme competition amongst manufacturers produces improved versions every day.

Plus, this is a great opportunity for certain people who are unable to hear. Before the invention of bone conduction technology, they had to undergo surgery to implant a device that converts sound into vibrations. So, this is a good replacement that can be easily found on the market and avoid the risks of any harm that surgery can cause.


Chapter 4: What is a Wireless Hearing Aid Spouse?

This is another fantastic invention to be used as a hearing aid together with bone conduction glasses, as all the bone conduction glasses in the market would not facilitate it alone. This can be placed on a table or in your pocket and then the smart glasses will aid your hearing during the conversation. The sound will be transmitted by the gadget through smart glasses directly to the ear at a volume level comfortable to you. No one can realize while using it as you can use it as your pendant or with key chains. So, you can be creative in using this device along with your bone conduction sunglasses. Since this can be used within 10 meters and above, one can easily play a prank on someone.      

Mostly these are customizable, which means you can find the best one that fits you. So, there is no issue in finding the exact size for your head. Do these sunglasses look good? Since you can select them from different colors and shapes, you can find the perfect one for you. As mentioned earlier customizable options and fashionable frame shapes allow a variety of options to choose from. Thus, make sure it looks good before purchasing them.

Although the weight is 5g or more than the ordinary glasses, it still looks simpler, compact, and not cumbersome. Thus, it is still fashionable as ordinary glasses.

Since the sunglasses protect eyes from UVB and UVA, the bone conduction sunglasses headphones are likely to perform the same task to compete against headphone retailers and also sunglasses retailers. Competition is inevitable, which could be reasonable highlighting the weaknesses of this new invention. A polarized lens and anti-blue lens block harm from the external environment effectively and efficiently protecting glasses and also your eyes.

Moreover, the wireless distance could be 10m or above and the package may include a glasses case, charging cable, instructions, glasses cloth in addition to bone conduction glasses. So, all the necessary gadgets and items are inside the packaging.

A most interesting fact is that some of them have a camera hidden inside the frame. This is inside the bridge of the glasses. You can take pictures and it cannot be noticed. What a great way to capture the environment around you without anyone noticing what you are doing?

Plus, it is unlikely that you could lose this like ordinary headphones and also don’t have to spend few minutes to pull it out from your pocket.

It is believed to be more efficient in very noisy environments than regular headphones with blocked ears. Control of sound leakage is another upgrade of the glasses which facilitates the privacy of the user. Anyone would love this feature of the bone conduction sunglasses as privacy is important to anyone.

These are suitable for young people, children, and others. When considering health, no damage to the eardrum, which is very good quality. In addition to that no damage as a result of stimulus intensity or from constant insertion to the ear.

On the other hand, it is believed to be eco-friendly. Thus, this is an important feature to those who value sustainable living as it is a huge trend at present. So, people could be seen as socially responsible citizens when they wear such a product.     


Chapter 5: Disadvantages of bone conduction sunglasses

However, these are heavier than ordinary sunglasses, which means wearing this would not be comfortable as regular sunglasses. The weight could be between 43g and 50g depending on the brand. So, trying this is very important before buying as the preferred weight of one can be different from another.

Primarily used on sunny days, the exact opposite of ordinary headphones, since you can wear ordinary headphones indoors and year-round. Therefore, it looks like a seasonal product rather than a product that can be used throughout the year, unless you get sunshine year-round.

On the other hand, this is easily breakable. Plus, the sound quality may not be as good as ordinary headphones, although it has been improved to the present condition, opposed to its early attempts.

In addition to that, this is quite expensive, not cheap, and may not be affordable to everyone. However, if you prefer living with technology and trends, this would be the right choice for you.

These can still harm your hearing if the sound of music is played at a very large volume. So, even though it is bone conduction, you should be careful when adjusting the levels of volume.


Chapter 6: What to consider before purchasing bone conduction sunglasses?

You should identify the purpose of buying it, whether it’s for summer or long-term use. Plus, is it comfortable for use or not? No need to buy a pair of glasses if it’s not comfortable. Considering sound quality is also important. The way it looks should be checked by trying it. Price is another thing that you should think have when making the decision (Does it offer value for money?). More importantly, glasses must protect your eyes from the environment.


Chapter 7: What does it replace?

Unsurprisingly, this pair of glasses can replace your headphones, smartwatches, smart bands, phones, and cameras, etc. Technology is changing very fast and the next invention might replace another product at your home.  



You can choose from a wide range of glasses looking at their pros and cons. There are many articles online for you to compare how different they are from each brand since this doesn’t detail the brands in the market and their features. So, you can decide whether it is worth buying it or not for that price. You will have to buy both bone conduction sunglasses headphones and regular headphones if there is no sunshine every day of the year. The choice is yours since you know what is right for you.

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