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We have been established since 2006. Sonun is a small, but respected headphones factory based in Shenzhen. Rooted in the headphones industry for over 15 years. We have acquired abundant experience in customization services.

Through the continuous introduction of premium quality headphones, it has been well received by all customers. We are grateful to our customers who continue to trust us and send us their feedback and products. This recognition will encourage us to continue developing and introducing innovative products with the same quality as we have developed in the past. We know that it can be challenging for any business to stay competitive as globalization has changed the needs, and preferences of consumers.
We have many reliability test machines to ensure our headphones’ quality. We check the quality of our product. Our reliability test machines work for the best possible results. We offer the best products as we can – we are constantly striving for the best results and we work hard to create the ideal premium quality headphones.
We have a design team. That’s why the team of Sonun Tech has developed earbuds that can create a wonderful sound even if you are indoors or outdoors. Why do we design products to meet quality targets in a more professional and perfect way? We do it because we love design.



We have more than these machines to ensure our quality.


We are a ISO9001 certified factory. And our products are meeting CE, RoHs requirements.


We are your reliable Bluetooth headphones partner!

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