1. I am A*** from Spain. We have been collaborating with Sonun since 2019, and it has been 5 years now. In the beginning, there were some initial frictions, but it didn’t hinder our continuous and excellent collaboration. The staff at Sonun has been incredibly cooperative and proactive in addressing any issues we encountered. For instance, lead time has been a common headache for many buyers, and we faced similar challenges when we first started working with Sonun. However, the lead time has significantly improved over time. Sonun now delivers promptly, and on occasions when we need to advance the lead time due to a substantial increase in sales, they always find ways to accommodate our requests. We’ve developed a mutual understanding, and they proactively anticipate our needs by making thorough preparations in advance.



  1. I am D*** from the United States. Our collaboration with Sonun has surpassed 10 years, transitioning from the initial wired headphones to the current Bluetooth headphones. Reflecting on these years of partnership, I find it to be a cherished and valuable journey. Fortunately, both parties have consistently progressed, continuously supporting each other throughout our collaboration.


  1. I am K*** from Poland. Sonun is truly a professional OEM&ODM headphone factory. During our collaboration, they actively assist in reviewing packaging, manuals, warranty cards, and other documentation, identifying and correcting errors. This practice has prevented issues that might impact consumer perceptions due to inaccuracies. Additionally, when experimenting with new packaging designs, Sonun patiently prototypes and rigorously tests them to ensure durability during the roughly twenty days of sea transit. In instances of any challenges, Sonun consistently proposes proactive solutions and guides us through necessary modifications. We are deeply appreciative of Sonun’s headphone factory; collaborating with them is genuinely worry-free.




  1. I am Z*** from the Czech Republic, collaborating with Sonun since 2017. Sonun is a highly responsible headphone factory. When we receive consumer product complaints and provide feedback to Sonun, they consistently approach these issues with a proactive attitude, never shying away from responsibility. One of Sonun’s sales representatives mentioned, “We value every customer’s feedback, whether positive or negative. While it can be concerning to receive complaints, ‘negative’ feedback is not always indicative of poor quality for us. Receiving such feedback helps us enhance our quality control, become more professional, and avoid similar issues in other customers’ shipments. I believe that by addressing complaints collaboratively with customers, they can witness our professionalism and, in turn, place greater trust in us.”



  1. I am A*** from the United Kingdom. I consider myself fortunate to have found Sonun, a headphone factory, and have been collaborating with them for over seven years. It’s not every factory that truly understands the needs of its customers, but Sonun goes beyond merely providing competitive pricing. They exhibit a strong service-oriented approach and offer valuable insights into the market. Focusing exclusively on headphones, Sonun’s specialization in this product category is evident in their professionalism. Their continuous dedication to the headphone industry allows them to understand customers, comprehend market dynamics, and have an in-depth understanding of their products.
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