How to find the Best Headsets Manufacturer in China?

Are you looking for a headphone manufacturer in China? With many suppliers in the market, selecting a suitable one has never been a walk in the park. Most buyers prefer to source headphones from China for various reasons.


Since I am conversant with the headphone industry, here are important things to know before choosing your manufacturer. 

Chapter 1: Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ).

Chapter 2: OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer).

Chapter 3: Certifications.

Chapter 4: Identifying the manufacturer’s City. 

Chapter 5: The way of Finding Headphone Manufacturers in China.

Chapter 6: Verifying Chinese Manufacturers.

Chapter 7: Choosing the Right Headphone Manufacturer in China.

Chapter 8: Benefits of Importing Headphones from China.


Chapter 1: Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

It is the lowest number of units you need to request for the manufacturer to accept your order. The MOQ for most Stock Keeping Units (SKU) ranges from as low as 50 to 200, or even more. 

Bespoke production of custom headphones involves lots of work, from administrative through to branding and packaging. You may need to compare the MOQ limits from several manufacturers and choose one that suits your budget. 

Possible to get a lower MOQ? Well, yes – to some extent. But first, let’s dip our toes into factors that could affect a manufacture’s MOQ. 

  • Type of Product

There are different types of headphones, including earbuds, closed-back, open-back, and on-ear, in-ear, and over-ear headphones. The minimum order for these items depends on the complexity of their production. 

  • Price and Customization

Do you need custom earphones or the manufacturer’s original equipment? MOQ for custom products is relatively higher. Items with a unique design or color may require longer production periods and higher costs. 

  • Size of Manufacturer

Bigger manufacturers with many staff, multiple quality control, and audits often require a high MOQ. Usually, they have big production lines, and it may be impossible to reset their machinery to suit a small order. 

If the MOQ is still above your budget, it may help to learn the following tips to lower it. But first, you should find out if your headphone manufacturer is willing to negotiate. 

  • Using Existing Materials: Find out the supplier’s type of materials and create a custom design that utilizes the available resources. The manufacturer may be able to purchase standard materials in smaller quantities. 
  • Engage small factories: Smaller factories may be more willing to offer low MOQ. 
  • Joint Orders: Find out if there is an ongoing production of the type of headphones you want. You may need to take advantage of the current production for lower prices and order quantities. 
  • Order Off-Season: The demand for headphones is usually higher during summer as everyone wants to enjoy their favorite bit in their ears. 


Chapter 2: OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer)

OEM designs are easy and faster to produce as they do not need to go through the tedious developmental process. You may need to provide your desired logo only, which is then printed on the manufacturer’s existing products. This approach will help you save more on the production costs hence higher profit margins. You may be able to order your desired quantities. 

If you need unique designs, it will help to find out if your supplier offers ODM manufacturing. Most companies produce white labels in bulk amounts since retailers can sell them under their own brand names. If you are looking for private labeling services, you may also need to inquire from your manufacturer. 


Chapter 3: Certifications

There is a list of requirements that both you and your manufacturer need to adhere to when importing headphones. All headphones, be it wired, wireless, or Bluetooth, are regulated by various US authorities. Before importing headphones into the US, it would help to find out if your supplier has proper certifications. 

The first requirement to consider is if they meet the qualifications of radiofrequency devices. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is responsible for certifying all electronic devices before they are sold in the US. It is important to find out if the FCC recognizes your manufacturer. 

FCC issues a Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity (SDoC) that requires manufacturer’s products to comply with the regulatory requirements. FCC SDoC contains the following information:

  • Company information
  • Contacts
  • Product identification
  • Applicable standards that the headphones conform to
  • Test Reports

The Underwriters Laboratory evaluates the Electrical Product Safety Standards to determine the device’s usability potential. Both the manufacturer and importer should adhere to the European safety, health, and environmental standards according to the Conformitè Europëenne (CE) Marking


Chapter 4: Identify the manufacturer’s City. 

Hardly would you find headphone manufacturers marketing themselves. It may be hectic to identify a reliable supplier if you do not know where to begin. The good news about China’s structure is that some cities are filled with headphone suppliers. 

Yiwu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Dongguan are the leading technology hubs in China where most of the factories are established. Most buyers prefer Shenzhen and Dongguan factories as they offer quality products at competitive market rates. Sonum Technology (Headphones Manufacturer) is a leading headphone manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China.


Chapter 5: The way of Finding Headphone Manufacturers in China?

Once you have identified the type and quality of the headphones you want, it’s time to look for a reliable manufacturer that suits your needs actively. You can identify them through the following ways: 

From Online Directories

  • Alibaba: This international business-to-business platform connects buyers with manufacturers. There are tons of manufacturers on this platform. 
  • Made in China: you can interact with manufacturers through this website. The site provides manufacturers’ inspection reports. 
  • Global Sources: This platform offers customer reviews on various manufacturers to guide you during the selection process. 

From Trade Shows

The Canton Import and Export Fair is China’s most popular trade show. It happens in Guangzhou in three phases. The first phase showcases electronics from leading manufacturers and could be a great opportunity for headphone buyers.

Unable to attend this event? No problem. The US also hosts a series of trade shows that attract Chinese manufacturers. There is no doubt that trade shows offer an incredible opportunity to engage manufacturers in person. 

From Trade Maganizes

Trade journals or magazines also enlist top-rated Chinese manufacturers to guide buyers.


Know of a friend importing headphones? Talk to him. Let them know you are interested in importing them too and ask for feedback based on their experiences. 


Chapter 6: Verifying Chinese Manufacturers

Being scammed is one of the worst situations you may never wish to experience. You may be scammed through poor product quality, fraud, delayed shipping, or even high costs, among others. So how do you protect yourself/business from being scammed? Stay put. 

  • Read Customer Reviews: You may need to look out for reviews from fellow buyers. A manufacturer with positive reviews can be a great alternative. 
  • Check Business Licences: Chinese Manufacturers are required to obtain licensing from the government. Request your supplier’s registration number and verify it with the Bureau of Industry Commerce. 
  • Request Samples: It helps to request a sample first before approving the bulk production. Once you receive the sample, you need to ensure it meets your expectations of the final product. 
  • Visit the Factory in Person: If you have the time and financial ability, why not visit the plant? This is the best way of varying your supplier. If you are unable to visit the plant, no problem. You can seek a third party to verify for you. Besides, you can schedule a zoom meeting and engage the manufacturer directly from the comfort of your couch. 


Chapter 7: Choosing the Right Headphone Manufacturer in China

Beyond regulatory, there are other factors you may need to consider before selecting a manufacturer, i.e. 

  • Your Lead Time: You need to choose a supplier that will stick to your time frame. You do not want your customers placing orders for a product that is yet to arrive. 
  • Payment Terms: Most suppliers will ask for a down payment. You need to agree with them on how to clear the remaining amount. I would recommend clearing the balance when your shipment arrives. 
  • The quality assurance process: The manufacturer needs to provide an itemized list of the quality assurance guidelines to ensure high-quality production.


Chapter 8: Benefits of Importing Headphones from China

  • Low production costs: Chinese manufacturers allow buyers to lessen their production costs and increase their profit margins. 
  • High Output: China is known for its cheap and readily available labor. If you need large quantities in a short time, you will find mass production in China. 
  • A Variety of Manufacturers to choose From: You can select from a wide range of manufacturers and compare the rates. 



China has established itself as a technology hub and production powerhouse. With its low market prices for headphones, buyers have a great opportunity to increase their profit margins and grow their business. Although it may not be easy as it seems, I hope that you will find this article useful as you take your next big step in business. 



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