Hi-Res Stereo Open-ear Wireless Earbuds For Sports

  • V5.3 open-ear wireless stereo earbuds
  • Soft rubber silicone ear-hook
  • 14.2mm driver with hi-res audio
  • Touch control for volume, track and callling
  • Built-in microphone
  • Compatible with voice assistant

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Discover the outstanding features of V5.3 open-ear wireless stereo earbuds – equipped with a soft rubber silicone ear-hook, a 14.2mm driver delivering hi-res audio, touch control for volume, track, and calling, a built-in microphone, and compatibility with voice assistant. Elevate your audio experience today!


Soft Rubber Silicone Ear-Hook

The innovative design, characterized by a soft rubber silicone ear hook, provides a secure and comfortable fit. Moreover, this thoughtful engineering not only guarantees a cozy fit but also enables extended wear without compromising on comfort. Consequently, these earbuds become your ideal companions during any activity.


14.2mm Driver with Hi-Res Audio

Dive into a realm of sonic excellence with the V5.3 earbuds. Boasting a 14.2mm driver with hi-res audio capabilities, these earbuds deliver crystal-clear highs and resonant lows. Furthermore, the immersive audio experience showcases the expertise of our manufacturers, ensuring that every note and beat is a delight to your ears.


Touch Control for Volume, Track, and Calling

Navigate your audio world effortlessly with the smart touch controls integrated into the V5.3 earbuds. Adjust volume, select tracks, and manage calls seamlessly at your fingertips. The intuitive touch interface enhances the user experience, providing a new level of convenience and control.


Built-In Microphone

Indulge in clear and crisp communication through the built-in microphone of the V5.3 earbuds. Whether you’re engaged in important business calls or enjoying leisurely chats, rest assured that your voice will be transmitted flawlessly. Moreover, stay seamlessly connected without compromising on audio quality—a true witness to the remarkable versatility of these earbuds.


Compatible with Voice Assistant

Embrace the future of audio integration with V5.3 earbuds, featuring compatibility with voice assistants. Seamlessly integrate these earbuds into your smart, connected lifestyle, enhancing your overall user experience. Moreover, Interact with your virtual assistant effortlessly, bringing a new dimension to hands-free convenience.


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