Type C Wired Earphones With Microphone And Volume Control

About the TypeC wired earphones. As more and more smartphones are using TypeC port. Even the iPhone, the iPhone 11 Pro, and the latest iPhone 12 are also using the TypeC now. We think Type C wired earphones still can occupy some market share. Even though the Bluetooth version is in full swing.
There is 3 kind of version is TypeC wired earphones.
Regular version:It can compatible with few smartphones. But the price is cheap.
Digital version: It built-in the genius chipset. So it can compatible with most smartphones. The price is higher than the regular version.
Bluetooth version: In order to compatible these wired earphones with more smartphones, so they built-in the Bluetooth chipset inside. Plug-in the jack and using the smartphone to connect the Bluetooth. The operation is the same as the Bluetooth earphones. Just no need to power-on the earphones. This one is the most expensive one.
Plug:type c
Frequency Response: 20-22,000Hz
With MIC and VC

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  • Product Overview


  1. Volume up button
  1. Multi-Function button
  1. Volume down button


1. Connect the earphones to a compatible device with a USB Type-C socket.

2. The in-line control panel is capable of volume, track control, voice assistant, and handsfree functions. Note: not all functions are available on all

models (see Compatible Devices below).

3. Press the volume up button (1) and volume down button (3) to adjust the master volume accordingly.

4. Press the MF (multi-function) button (2) repeatedly to play and pause the current music track.

5. Press the MF button (2) twice to move to the next music track and three times to move to the previous track.

6. Press and hold the MF button (2) to open your device’s voice assistant mode. Note: only compatible devices will run this feature, please check

your device user guide for details.

7. When a phone call is received press the MF button (2) repeatedly to accept and complete the call. To reject the incoming call press the MF button (2) twice.



  • 1* Wired earphone
  • 2* Large size ear tips
  • 2* Small size ear tips
  • 1* Gift box


  1. MOQ: 3,000 PCS
  2. Logo placement: Silkscreen on the controller.
  3. OEM available:
  • User manual: Sonun provides the user manual, customers could revise the manual. Including customers’ brand name, information, etc.
  • Gift box: Sonun provides the packaging die-cut, customers could revise the artwork.
  • Color: OEM colors are available.
  • Other accessories: Customers could provide the warranty card, stickers, labels, etc.


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