New Premium Wireless Over-ear Rechargeable ANC headset


  • ANC technology
  • Long battery life
  • Gaming mode
  • Cushioned ear cups
  • Foldable and portable
  • Faster and stable BT5.3
  • Versatile design
  • Type-C charging port
  • Built-in mic and voice assistant
  • Headphone OEM
  • ODM headphone
  • Customized headphone

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Transports you to a World of Ultra Serenity
The Sonun Cushion ANC True Wireless Headphone uses active noise cancellation to filter out annoying ambient sounds that we all don’t like.

Whether you’re on a chaotic train, in a noisy office, or walking down streets as loud as New York City, you can still feast on your favorite podcasts, Spotify playlists, audiobooks, and YouTube videos without being distracted by all the honking, yelling, and rumbling engines.

Simply slap the Sonun headphones on and find yourself in a serene audio heaven.


Ergonomically Designed for Comfort and Audio Nirvana
As a seasoned earphone supplier and headphone manufacturer, Sonun headphone factory expertly designed this over-ear ANC wireless headphone with plush, padded cushions that will cradle your ears during those marathon listening sessions.

You’ll even forget you’re wearing headphones. The over-ear design provides deep comfort while blocking out annoying environmental noise.


Time for Call of Duty

When it comes to gaming, Sonun Cushion ANC Wireless Headphone will definitely come into play. Its gaming mode cuts down audio latency and lag.

You can hear everything in real-time, and accomplish those missions successfully. Immerse yourself in the game, and hear every explosion and shot fired in HD audio quality.


Flexibility Meets Portability – Your Music, Your Rules
We get it, everyone is always on the move with a backpack full of tech these days. That’s why Sonun headphone factory designed these foldable and rotatable true wireless headphones.

Simply twist the ear cups to your desired angle, toss them in your bag, and you’re ready for your next sonic adventure.


Bluetooth V5.3 – A More Stable and Instant Connection
Sonun wireless headphones connect almost instantly to any Bluetooth-enabled device and maintain a strong and stable signal without glitching your ears to frustration.


Auxiliary (AUX) Input and Wired Connection

If you’re sentimentally attached to your older devices without Bluetooth, or if you’re using airplane entertainment systems, the Sonun Cushion ANC Wireless Headphone has your back.

Simply use the AUX input or wired connection and get the party going.


Charge up in a Flash with Type-C Port
No more endless waits. This cushioned Sonun Bluetooth headphone will juice up in just 2 hours, so you can get back in the groove in no time, and keep the music alive.


A Battery Life That’ll Charge You Up

With a 400mAh battery, you can go all day charged up on your music and entertainment, without recharging. A quick 10-minute charge gives you a good 2 hours of playtime, so the headphones won’t die on you before you finish an episode of The Walking Dead.


Stay in Touch While on the Move

The Sonun Cushion ANC Wireless Headphone’s integrated mic lets you take calls and send clear voice messages without pops and crackles.

Plus, the voice assistant support allows you to activate Siri or Google Assistant whenever needed.


Tailor-Made for Your Unique Style and Size!
Not all heads are made equal and that’s why we celebrate individuality. The cushioned and adjustable metal headband ensures a perfect fit for all head shapes and sizes.


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