July 2021

Most Common Headphone Chips

With the increasing popularity of smartphones and smartwatches, Bluetooth headphones have seen an incremental rise in sales across the world. As a comparison to wired headphones, Bluetooth headphones provide unmatched freedom and flexibility while also saving users from the hassle of tangled wires. With the continuous

How to find the Best Headsets Manufacturer in China?

Are you looking for a headphone manufacturer in China? With many suppliers in the market, selecting a suitable one has never been a walk in the park. Most buyers prefer to source headphones from Chinafor various reasons. Since I am conversant with the headphone industry, here are important things to know before choosi

How to Test The Headset Sample?

As high-quality audio devices like Bluetooth speakers, headphones, and boomboxes are becoming common, customers are enjoying a plethora of options available to them. Since audio quality is a subjective matter, it’s imperative to test the authenticity and audio quality of your newly purchased headphones to verify

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