How Sonun Makes Their Customized Headphones

In an era of proposing a professional design and production for branded headphones, not many solutions can be found in the headphone market. But Sonun’s customized headphones are an innovative fusion of technology and customization that enables the company to purchase.


customized headphones


Learn more about Sonun’s approach on how to make a headphone!


How to Make a Headphone: The Sonun Way

Crafting Sonun’s headphones involves a mixture of technology and aesthetics. Sonun’s methodology in headphone creation revolves around innovation and attention to detail. Here’s an insight into their process:



1. Understanding Marketing Preference

From online e-commerce to offline superstores, Sonun conducts comprehensive surveys and research to grasp the sales channels of different customers. Each brand has different sales channels, and Sonun strives to meet the product preferences of different channels.


2. Design and Engineering

Once preferences are narrowed down, Sonun’s team of experts initiates the design and engineering phase. This stage involves meticulous planning and innovation to blend cutting-edge technology with user-centric design elements. Every component, from drivers to ear cushions, undergoes careful selection to ensure peak performance and comfort.


3. High-Quality Sound Quality

At the core of Sonun’s approach on how to make a headphone lies a commitment to delivering top-notch sound quality. Through advanced audio engineering techniques, Sonun meticulously fine-tunes each pair of headphones to offer a rich, immersive sound experience.


4. Quality Assurance

Before reaching users’ hands, every pair of Sonun headphones undergoes rigorous quality assurance tests. From durability assessments to sound accuracy evaluations, every aspect is evaluated to follow uncompromising quality and performance standards.


Sonun’s Customized Headphones


One major step in Sonun’s unique method on how to make a headphone lies in the customization of headphones.

Their customized headphone can mirror the brand image of the enterprise.


Enterprise can customize the printing of headphones. From the headband to the ear cups. Whatever Pantone color printing or silkscreen, their company brand logo.


customized headphones


Key Features of Sonun’s Headphones

While Sonun offers plenty of customizations in their method of how to make a headphone, it is also important to note what key features their headphones possess that separate and elevate them in the market. Some key features include:


  • Bluetooth and wired connectivity
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Voice assistant
  • Headphone and earphone with APP
  • Game mode headphone
  • Support FM mode and TF mode


Sonun and their customized headphones seamlessly blend cutting-edge innovation with a company brand. The ability to shape the look and feel of headphones through a comprehensive customization process is proof that Sonun values their customer’s feelings, and that shows our dedication to customer satisfaction.


customized headphones


For more information regarding Sonun’s method on how to make a headphone and its customization, click here to visit our website!



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