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The Best Features New Headphones Should Have


Headphone manufacturers have been improving their products constantly, trying to get an advantage one against the other and struggling to attract as many new clients as possible. But clients aren’t as easy to impress nowadays as they were when headphones first hit the market. They are now demanding new features and improved capabilities. The new lines of headphones that are being produced have to be able to live up to some serious expectations that will be discussed in this article, please keep reading till the end!

Chapter 1: Long battery life

Chapter 2: Noise-canceling function

Chapter 3: Bone conduction

Chapter 4: Water and moisture resistance

Chapter 5: Biometrics and voice assistance


Chapter 1: Long battery life

Firstly, because the future of headphones looks to be increasingly wireless, users will be demanding lingering and longer battery lives. Batteries have long been a topic for electronics manufacturers worldwide. All are trying to improve battery sizes without making any compromises on weight or sound quality. But it isn’t easy. Today, the headphones with the longest battery life are the Sonun TW96 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. They can last up to 6 hours before needing to be recharged again.

The future of how manufacturers will increase battery life is momentarily uncertain. One option would be wireless charging. The headphones can be fitted with a sensor that charges the batteries when they are near certain points in your house, your office your car, or wherever else they might be installed. But until then, the solution remains the good power bank and charger cable. Luckily, Sonun TW96 headphones are equipped with fast charging batteries, so that you don’t have to wait too long to listen to your favorite tunes again.  

Chapter 2: Noise-canceling function

Living in a world with almost infinite sources of noise, it is important to be able to break free from them once in a while and be able to hear yourself think or just let loose and be taken away by your favorite music. This is why noise-canceling functions are a very popular feature nowadays. They help people focus on whatever it is they need to be focused out and practically tune out any outside distractions. They are very sought after by people that work in big offices but also by elite e-sports athletes, that sometimes need to focus on their games and tune out the cheering crowds. Although more and more headphone manufacturers are including this feature into their designs, leading the pack by miles is the Sonun TW50 (ANC) Noise Cancelling Headphones. With a very solid build and a battery that can last well over a day, these headphones are the perfect companion for people looking to get some help in escaping the noises that surround them.

If you prefer in-ear designs instead of over or on-ear ones, there are a lot of options in that area too. Athletes training usually choose this design because they fit more snugly in their ear canals, reducing the risk of falling. Also, if you are unlucky enough to sit next to a heavy snorer on your next flight to Cancun, you might appreciate these headphones as well. Perfect for traveling due to their small size, they fit perfectly in your coat pocket or your bag.   

Chapter 3: Bone conduction

On the other side of the spectrum, you can find people looking for a good bone-conducting feature. These headphones are specifically designed for those who want to listen to music but also want to be able to be aware of what is going on around them. They are perfect for joggers and cyclists who always need to know if there’s any incoming traffic or anything else they should be careful and avoid. Bone conducting headphones work by transmitting vibrations straight into the bones of your jaw and face, directly towards your inner ear. This way you can still have your ears free and able to listen to other audio signals. Maybe the best headphones with this feature you can find on the market right now are the Sonun BC01 Bone Conduction headset. These were designed for high-fidelity audio playback and are also a perfect combination of grip and comfort.


Chapter 4: Water and moisture resistance

People enjoy listening to music in almost every situation. For instance, they use it at the gym to get themselves motivated and pumped up before and during their exercises. But going to the gym usually means breaking some serious sweat. That in turn means that you should choose your headphones accordingly. Water, sweat, and moisture can be very damaging to your headphones. It can sip in and mess up the circuits making them worthless. To avoid such situations many people that work out or go swimming a lot, choose waterproof headphones. Because they are ideal for people that spend a lot of time in wet environments and for those who enjoy burning those calories at the closest gym.

But when choosing the right headphones to take with you when you go to take a dip, you should understand the differences between waterproof and water-resistant. A lot of people make the mistake of confusing the two and end up either overpaying for something or worse, buying something that will not be right for them. Water-resistant headphones mean that they can withstand a damp environment and occasional splashing. So if sweat drops on them and you have to wait a few minutes to wipe them off, that’s OK. But when you want something you can take with you when practicing your backstroke or in a sauna, then you should look for waterproof headphones instead. Prolonged exposure to water and moisture requires a different level of protection. Always be careful when choosing your headphones and make sure you check the specs on them before taking them somewhere they might not be able to perform.


Chapter 5: Biometrics and voice assistance

A big favorite with the fitness and health customer base are the biometrics and voice assistance features. People that lead a healthy and active lifestyle need to be able to constantly monitor their vitals to know when they need to stop and when they need to step it up a notch. Biometric features were developed to help them with this without having them stop whatever it is they are doing and without the need for another gadget. The way this works is by registering the pulse and blood pressure at the ear level via sensors and transmitting them to the user. This helps the wearer to constantly know how they are doing and f something is wrong. Also, most headphones that have biometric features link up to apps on various devices to store and interpret the data they gather.

Another great feature for those who enjoy an active lifestyle is voice assistance. This frees them up, even more, to do other things with their hands and even enables them to communicate with an AI assistant. Think of this as having your very own Jarvis. One of the best headphone sets to incorporate these features is the LifeBEAM Vi Sense Wireless Headphones. With their light and flexible design, they will surely make it on to a lot of peoples’ wish lists next holiday season.    



Manufacturers will always be coming up with new features to improve their products and to impress their clients. From portability to connectivity, everything your headphones have right now can and will be improved in the next few years. The important thing is to be able to differentiate between what is actually an improvement and what is simply for show.

As a rule of thumb when it comes to buying new headphones based on their new features, you should never go for the ones with more than half of the features your old headphones have unless you’re looking for some professional gear. If not, just stick to what works for you and avoid any unnecessary bells and whistles.


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Author: Caitlin Du

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