Running Sport Wireless In-ear Earbuds Compatible with Bluetooth

Bluetooth Version:5.0
Profile: a2dpavctpavdtpavrcphfpsppsmpattgapgattrfcommsdpl2cap
Bluetooth Distance:10m
Frequency Range: 20Hz-20kHz
Sensitivity: 102dB±3Db
Driver Size:10mm
Charging port type:Micro USB
Charging Time:2H
Battery Standby time:180days (off)
Charging input(A):0.06
50% volume Playing Time on :6H
100% volume Playing Time: 5H

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  • Before first use

Even though your earphones will come with some battery charge, it’s advisable to fully charge them before first use. Connect them to a suitable USB power source using the charging cable provided and leave for around 45 minutes to ensure they are ready for use. During charging, the LED indicator will glow red and then turn blue when they are fully charged.


  • Pairing with your device

To switch on and enter pairing mode simply press and hold the MF (multi-function) button until the motor vibrates and the LED indicator flashes alternately red and blue. They should then appear on the Bluetooth device list of your smart device with the pairing name “Sonun SBT02”. After selection and during pairing if your device asks you for a pairing code enter “0000” and click connect. Once paired you can reconnect or disconnect to your device automatically at any time by simply turning the earphones on and off (if your device is in range and Bluetooth is switched on).


  • Turning the earbuds on and off

To turn on the earphones simply press and hold the MF button until the motor vibrates and the LED indicator glows blue, they will then automatically pair with your smart device as long as it’s in range and has Bluetooth switched on. If no device is in range, they will then enter pairing mode as described above. To turn the earphones off at any time, simply press and hold the MF button again until the motor vibrates, the LED indicator glows red, and then goes out.


  • Track and volume controls

The earphones are fitted with an inline control panel that can be used to control the audio playback from your connected smart device. To play and pause the current track simply press the MF button repeatedly. During audio playback short press the “+” button to increase the master volume and the “-“ button to decrease it accordingly. Long press the “+” button to skip to the next track on your playlist or the “-“ button for the previous track.


  • Hands-free operation

When you receive a phone call during audio playback, a ringtone can be heard in the earphones and the internal motor will also vibrate. To accept the call, press the MF button once, or to reject the call press it twice. When you have completed the call, hang up by simply pressing the MF button again. Finally, to redial the last outgoing call made on the connected smart device press the MF button twice.


  • Charging the earbuds and case

To charge the earphones after use, simply connect them to a suitable USB power source using the charging cable provided. To fully charge the earphones can take up to 45 minutes and you will receive around 12 hours of use from a full charge. These earphones also have a fast charge option which allows you around 6.5 hours of use from only a 15minute charge. During charging, the LED indicator will glow red and then turn blue when they are fully charged.



Q) The headset cannot pair with the mobile phone.

A) Make sure that the headset is in pairing mode / Check if the Bluetooth search function of your mobile phone has been turned ON / Check your mobile device’s Bluetooth menu and delete/forget the headset and reconnect the headset again following the user manual.


Q) The headset cannot be switch on.

A) Please check the battery status of the headset and recharge if is necessary.


Q) Can I change the battery for the headset?

A) No, this headset uses a built-in non-detachable Li-Polymer battery, it cannot be removed.


Q) Can I use the headset while driving?

A) For safety reasons, you cannot use the headset while driving in order to avoid distraction.


Q) Headset disconnect with your mobile phone within 10 meters.

A) Please check if there are walls, metal, or other materials that may interfere with the Bluetooth connection (Bluetooth is a radio technology that is sensitive to objects between the headset and the connected device).


Q) Cannot hear sound from your computer or mobile phone.

A) Please check whether the output channel of your computer is Bluetooth Audio Device and the Bluetooth function of your computer support the A2DP profile. And please check the volume of your headset and of your computer/mobile phone.


Q) Cannot be hearing a sound from source and audio streaming application.

A) Check the source of streaming audio is on and playing / Check that the device supports A2DP audio streaming / Try other sources/audio streaming app or try another track / Check the Bluetooth device volume / Take the device and the headsets away for any other device that may cause interference (other Bluetooth devices, cordless phones, microwave ovens or wireless network routers) / Reduce the number of applications running on the device / The audio quality will also be improved by turning off the Wi-Fi of the device.


Q) Cannot use the headset to control volume or select track of APP of your mobile phone.

A) Software settings of APP may be varied and some functions of the APP may not control by the headset.


Q) Cannot charge the headset.

A) Make sure both ends of the USB cable are securely connected. If you use a power outlet, ensure that the power supply is connected securely and the outlet works. If you use a computer, make sure it is connected and the USB port is powered. Disconnect and reconnect the USB charging cable.



  • 1* Bluetooth headphone
  • 1* User manual
  • 1* 50cm USB charging cable
  • 2* Large size ear tips
  • 2* Small size ear tips
  • 1* Gift box


  1. MOQ: 1,000 PCS
  2. Logo placement: Silkscreen on the controller, laser carving no the metal housing.
  3. OEM available:
  • User manual: Sonun provides the user manual, customers could revise the manual. Including customers’ brand name, information, etc.
  • Gift box: Sonun provides the packaging die-cut, customers could revise the artwork.
  • Function: Customers could provide the voice prompt with local language. And the instruction. As well as the Bluetooth pairing name.
  • Color: OEM colors are available.
  • Other accessories: Customers could provide the warranty card, stickers, labels, etc.



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