Are Over-Ear Headphones with Microphone Worth It?

Over the years, headphone users have been debating whether it’s worth it to go for over-ear headphones. Well, this has and will remain the best option for those who want to shut off from their environment as you don’t need to increase volume to enjoy your playlist. Manufacturing companies have also chosen this model as one of their best because of its size.


Over-ear headphones are larger with more room to fit a microphone, drivers, and other essential circuitry. So, this feature makes it a better option for manufacturers as they can maximize its features. For users especially those who listen for longer periods, over-ear headphones with microphones stand out because of noise cancellation. However, that’s not all. In this article, we discuss why these headphone models with microphones are worth it.


3 Reasons Why over-ear headphones with Microphones Are Worth It?

The bigger ear cups of over-ear headphones mean larger drivers and better noise cancellation. Bigger drivers push in more air creating more power and a wider frequency response. This means you will hear everything in detail and that is why it’s the best option for presenters, call centers, podcasting, etc.


over ear headphones with microphone


1. Enhanced Comfort for Extended Use

The thickness of the pads and the weight of the frames make over-ear headphones comfortable to use. They have more padding on the board. Since it gives the ear more room, it enhances the comfort of the headphones. The memory foam ear pads and the uniform distributed clamping force don’t cause skin or ear irritation.


over ear headphones with microphone


2. Better Microphone Quality

Generally, over-ear headphones offer better microphone quality than earphones. As earlier mentioned, over-ear headphones have more space. Meaning, that this space is enough for microphone components thus clearer audio recordings and calls.


3. Noise Cancellation

Another thing about over-ear headphones is that it keeps you away from destruction. Many headphones offer passive noise isolation because of their larger ear cups. These cups block out ambient noise as it completely covers the ear and the closer the mic is to the mouth, the more effective it is in capturing voice and canceling out external voices.


Additionally, this feature also helps to improve bass response. So, for those seeking high sound quality, over-ear headphones with microphones are the best as they not only contain large drivers but also produce a detailed soundscape.


over ear headphones with microphone


Looking for over-ear headphones with a microphone?

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