What does OEM mean for headphones?

When you are shopping for an earphone or Bluetooth headphones, you might have already encountered the term ‘OEM’. What makes this attractive is that it’s usually more affordable than other similar items. But what exactly does it mean on headsets? 


OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. They usually manufacture parts from smartphones, pc, tablets, laptops, television, and even cars. In other words, they are the manufacturers of products that are sold and branded or customized by another company.


If you are considering purchasing an OEM headphone for its price, this article is for you. Please continue reading to know more about what it means and whether it’s a good option for you. 



What You Need to Know About OEM Headphones


The company with the famous original brand signs a contract with an OEM company to manufacture its headset brand. Popular cell phone brands commonly do it. Instead of manufacturing the headphone device that supplements their cell phone, they outsource it to OEM. 


OEM headsets are indeed cheaper than the original because you have taken out the status of the brand name and the middle party. However, some companies take advantage of OEM hype. Since there is no way that customers can check the quality of the product.


Are OEM headphones counterfeit or fake? If the OEM headset carries the name of the leading brands, it can be branded as counterfeit. Still, it is as good as the original without the brand or logo if it is sold as a separate generic OEM headphone. 


However, some companies use the term OEM to sell low-quality headphones and earphones without making them sound cheap and substandard. So be careful in purchasing claimed “good quality” OEM headsets.


Do they have the same quality as the expensive original brand available in the market? Yes and NO. Yes, if it has the exact specification as the leading brand. No, (most of the time) OEM has slightly lower specifications than the original brand. So, for consumers, it is essential to scrutinize the specification if you are purchasing quality headphones.


Headphone Brands with OEM Counterparts


Almost all leading brands have OEM counterparts. Just ask your supplier which brand counterpart you or your customers prefer. There are a lot of OEM headphone manufacturers that manufacture your preferred brands; most of them are based in China and India. 


These famous brands commission them to manufacture headsets under their brand name. These manufacturers are also wholesalers of OEM Bluetooth headphones, true wireless earphones, active noise cancellation headsets, wireless headphones, and similar devices. 


Basically, they manufacture and sell OEM headphones at par quality as the original expensive headsets you can find in the market. Depending on the OEM factory, you can choose from the leading brands such as: 


  • Bose
  • Beats
  • JBL
  • Creative
  • LG
  • Huawei
  • Xiaomi 
  • Samsung series
  • Apple


Benefits of OEM Headphones


First and foremost, OEM headphones, earphones, and other devices are a lot cheaper than original ones. Although some have a slight downgrade in specifications, the quality can pass as original.


Contrary to other beliefs, OEM is NOT a counterfeit or imitation.OEM is perfect for retailers or resellers who have customers that can’t afford the high cost of the original.


In addition, OEM headphones and other devices can be customized according to your brand or logo. 


Factors to Consider When Purchasing OEM Headphones


Here are the top factors to consider when purchasing OEM Headphones: 


#1: Sound Quality


The number one consideration in purchasing earphones or headphones, of course, is the sound it produces. This is the reason why you purchase earphones in the first place – to enjoy your favorite music. Listen to the sound it produces. Choose acoustic guitar or piano music when trying out headsets or earphones.


Some, especially the younger ones, look for excellent bass sound. Look for the driver size, especially if you want big bass. The larger the driver size, the greater the bass it produces.


#2: Comfort and Fit


Then after the sound, consider fit and comfortable. Some headphones or earphones feel comfortable for the first few minutes, but the comfort does not last for long periods. 


Where are the things that you should pay more attention to when it comes to the fit and comfort of the headphones: 


  • Look for those with fabric padding or leather for more comfort. 
  • For headsets, larger ear cups are better than small ones.
  • For earphones, size, and shape matter, look for an earphone that goes perfectly with the shape of your ear.


#3: Cost


The next consideration is the cost. Of course, expensive branded headphones and earphones are better. But if you have a limited budget, you can opt for OEM headsets or earphones.


It would definitely help to read reviews before purchasing a specific brand or type of headphones or earphones.


#4: Type of Earphones or Headphones


Decide on whether you will be getting a wireless or wired headphone. The perfect choice is Bluetooth headsets or earphones because they are very convenient. 


You don’t have to be bothered by a cable which is sometimes annoying when they get tangled. The type of cable also affects the quality of the sound. Experts say that copper purity can significantly impact the quality of the sound.


#5: Portability


If you are a person who frequently moves, it is advisable to pick up headsets that are not bulky or easy to carry. You can also get foldable headsets.


#6: Durability


In my experience, there are a lot of headsets that last only for a few months. So, if you are to buy headphones or earphones, consider durability. It is better to spend extra rather than buy a cheap one and repurchase it after one month.





Finally, whether you are an end-user or a retailer of headphones or earphones, get only from manufacturers that value quality and professionalism—many fake or counterfeit headsets or earphones posing as OEM or, worst, as the original. Most of them sell in leading online shopping platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and the likes.




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