Difference between OEM and ODM Headphones

When purchasing headphones, you might have encountered the term “OEM” and “ODM” and you might be wondering what they mean and what could be the best product to carry home. You might be interested to know the difference between the two, benefits, and risks attached to both. If you are considering purchasing either an OEM or ODM headphone you should know the following things!


Chapter 1: What are the OEM Headphones?

Chapter 2: What are the ODM Headphones?

Chapter 3: Factors to Consider When Purchasing OEM and ODM Headphones.

Chapter 4: Type of headphones.

Chapter 5: Comfort and fit?

Chapter 6: Benefits of ODM headphones.

Chapter 7: Risks of ODM headphones.

Chapter 8: Benefits of OEM headphones.

Chapter 9: Risks of OEM headphones.


Chapter 1: What are OEM Headphones?

The abbreviation OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. This basically means that the headphones are from the company that originally made them. OEM headphones are made by a certain company and then bought by another and given the latter company brand name. 


Chapter 2: What are ODM Headphones?

ODM stands for Original Design Manufacturer. In this case, a company agrees to design, develop and build a product to another company’s specifications. Once the buyer buys the product from ODM they have to rebrand them before selling out in the market for a profit. These products are usually restricted to a predetermined design.


Chapter 3: Factors to Consider When Purchasing OEM and ODM Headphones

  • Cost of the headphones – Before purchasing a product, you have to consider how much it cost. Between the two types of brands, you will want the one with the highest quality but working with your budget would be the best and only option. Often, the highly branded and expensive headphones are believed to be better than the lowly branded headphones.
  • The durability of headphones – Here it is essential to consider how long a product will serve the intended purpose. It would be better to spend an extra coin to buy the best brand rather than buying a cheap one every month.
  • The sound quality of the headphones– Headphone sound quality is usually a measurement of accuracy and enjoyment ability. This entirely matters with the personal taste of the buyer since it is the reason to purchase the headphones in the first place. Quality matters a lot when we buy any product. In headphones, most people like deep, strong bass but most audiophiles usually prefer the more accurate natural sound. Sonun OEM&ODM headphones come with the best audio quality to make your dreams come true.


Some of the categories of audio quality people like are V-shaped which emphasis on bass and treble to give a livelier and dynamic sound. Secondly, flat balanced and neutral sounding with all frequencies being equal.

  • Portability – Portability deals with ease to move with the headphones. These greatly depend on the amount of space they occupy once folded into their most folded compact. Listeners moving from place to place do not need bulky headphones as they have a bag, purse, or pocket for transport. The smaller the size of headphones the more portable they are. When purchasing one should look for headphones with joints as they allow for folding making them convenient during movement.


Chapter 4: Type of headphones

There are two types of headphones; wired headphones and wireless headphones. The perfect choice is Bluetooth (wireless) because they are very convenient. You do not have to be bothered by a cable since it may affect the quality of the sound, expert says that copper purity can significantly impact the quality of the sound.


Chapter 5: Comfort and fit

For this consider headphones with the thickest earpad hence increased space inside the cup for your ears. For comfortability, your ears should fit well inside the ear cups not rubbing up against either the outer cushion of the ear cup or the interior hardware. Use a right ear tip to get headphones that properly fit your ears. One ear might be slightly larger than the other so you may need to use a different size for each ear.


Chapter 6: Benefits of ODM headphones

  • It greatly saves on time and money
  • ODM is faster to market than OEM headphones.
  • The company is not responsible for purchasing the new equipment required to manufacture the headphones.
  • The risk of the product being copied is made minimal by dealing with only one proven manufacturer.
  • The supplier is responsible for paying for any special tools or molds required for the manufacturing.


Chapter 7: Risks of ODM headphones

  • In the end, you may realize it would have been easier to design the headphones rather than trying to reverse engineer them.
  • The supplier is responsible for all the problems likely to be encountered during sampling and product control of the headphones.
  • Other companies may threaten to stop production as they may believe you are using their intellectual property.
  • Competition may be stiff as other companies may start selling the same headphones as you.
  • Changing the supplier is difficult since the intellectual property of the product is owned by the supplier or another company.


Chapter 8: Benefits of OEM headphones

  • It is more difficult for other buyers to copy your headphones.
  • You can freely make changes to the headphones.
  • Being the buyer, you own the intellectual property of the headphones.
  • There is less risk in manufacturing because a working prototype is available for you.
  • It is a very fast expansion of your existing headphone product line.
  • With OEM there is an option to ship the headphones directly to the customer.


Chapter 9: Risks of OEM headphones

  • As the buyer, you will need to pay for any tools or molds needed by the OEM manufacturer.
  • Product development determines the time required to take the headphones to the market.



Finally, whether you are the final user or buyer of the headphones it could be better to get only from manufacturers that value the quality and professionalism. This is because many counterfeit headphones are posing as OEM or ODM which may be confusing to consumers.

For OEM and ODM users models you can be sure that the most suitable process will be adopted to meet the expectation and solution you are looking for. This technical knowledge is often provided in partnership with distributors. This know about helps make sure that the parts and sub-assemblies used in finished products perform as designed.

If you are looking to buy a wide range of OEM&ODM headphone designs that satisfy all the qualities and factors listed in this article, we recommend Sonun OEM&ODM Headphones. Sonun is one of the leading headphones manufacturers in china.



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