What does TWS Bluetooth earbuds mean?

Audio technology is improving day by day and TWS is the latest among the recent advanced audio technology headsets. The abbreviation TWS means True Wireless Stereo, not model or brand. TWS Bluetooth headphones surprisingly become popular after the release of Apple’s TWS air pods in 2016. There is complete freedom of movement when the headset has been worn as there are no wires to connect to your phone, or even to each other. This article covers everything you need to know about the TWS Bluetooth headset.   


Chapter 1: How TWS Bluetooth headset technology works.   

Chapter 2: Application of TWS technology.

Chapter 3: Comparison between TWS and Wireless Headsets.

Chapter 4: How to pair TWS Bluetooth Headsets with a Cell Phone.

Chapter 5: How to charge TWS Bluetooth earbuds.

Chapter 6: Safety precautions and maintenance of TWS earbuds.

Chapter 7: Advantages of using TWS Bluetooth headsets.

Chapter 8: Disadvantages of using TWS Bluetooth headset.

Chapter 9: Recommended TWS Headset.


Chapter 1: How TWS Bluetooth headset technology works

TWS Bluetooth headset means you listen to your audio through earbuds without the need of using wires. TWS uses Bluetooth signals to transfer sound. This technology differs from wireless accessories that do not physically connect to media sources but still rely on physical connection to ensure that multiple parts of a device can function together.

TWS comes in a variety of brands, however, depending on the brand and accessory, different TWS devices link to various media in different ways. In many TWS headsets, a single earbud serves as the primary link between the media source and the second earbud. Earbud one sends a signal to the source device, connects, and then the source forwards the same signal into earbud two.

True Wireless Stereo plus from Qualcomm establishes a connection between the earbuds to allow the media source device to connect to both of them. The Bluetooth chip provides audio to both earphones at the same time. This reduces the amount of strain on a single earbud, enhances connection strength, and improves audio clarity.


Chapter 2: Application of TWS technology

True Wireless technology is not only limited to being applied to earbuds, though it is so far the most popular usage. Some of the other common applications for the technology include using it for speakers and chargers. A device is truly wireless when it connects via Bluetooth connection.


Chapter 3: Comparison between TWS and Wireless Headsets

Frequently, questions arise on what could be the difference between TWS and wireless headsets, while here are the differences; the most confusing part is that wireless headsets have Bluetooth connectivity and still have wires, however, there is no wire connecting your device to the headset; these wires join the ear bands together. A wire rubs around the back of your neck which is pretty much comfortable. This greatly works well for those people who love working out.

TWS wireless headsets are free from this sort of drawback because they do not have any connecting wire between the earbuds. This means you can share an ear band with a friend one meter away without the need to worry about staying close for you to share wires. This brings out the total meaning of TWS meaning in earbuds.


Chapter 4: How to pair TWS Bluetooth Headsets with a Cell Phone

  • First make sure your phone is on, open Settings, and ensure that Bluetooth is on. Your phone and headset should be one meter far from each other.
  • Turn your headset on and search for new devices on your phone’s Bluetooth settings. Pair with the correct headset which should have the name of the device
  • At this point, you can listen to your favorite music. Your phone will properly pair automatically the next time you turn on your headset.


Chapter 5: How to charge TWS Bluetooth earbuds

The TWS earbuds come with a carry case to enable charging when the power they had is low. For you to charge the TWS Bluetooth earbuds they should be in their carry case for easy charging. Each earbud comes with a specially crafted dock with a connection point that allows it to charge. Charge your carry case simply by plugging it into a power source through a USB. The correct cable will be provided when you buy your earbuds. Few numbers earbuds can charge when placed on the wireless charger. If your earbuds turn on when the case is open, a flashing light on the case will indicate when they are fully charged. Overcharging is not advisable for these accessories especially the earbuds.


Chapter 6: Safety precautions and maintenance of TWS earbuds

Awareness is the best precaution to be safe and when using TWS earbuds this is not an exemption. Some of the precautions that should be taken are as follows;

  • Avoid excessive use of the ear headset– Using the product excessively not only will it be bad for your health but also the health of the headset as well.
  • Never dismantle the device on your own for any reason– Doing so the warranty offered by the manufacturer would not be accepted and it is very likely the user will damage the product beyond repair. It is greatly advised to avoid tampering with the product at your end. If a problem is observed with the product, it could be wise to approach the manufacturer for repairs.
  • Do not overcharge the headset battery– When the charge is full, you should unplug the charger to avoid the battery from continuing charging since overcharging greatly affect battery life.
  • Stand by charging– It is recommended not to use the Bluetooth handset when charging. Proper use of the battery will ensure longer battery life.
  • Do not get your device wet– All electronic devices get damaged by liquids and the TWS headsets are not an exception. You should avoid subjecting your earbuds to liquid substances to avoid damages. Some activities like swimming and showering should be avoided at all costs when wearing earbuds.
  • Do not use the headset during a thunderstorm– Like all electronic devices, you should be careful to use the TWS headset if there is a thunder and lightning storm. Plug into an outlet to charge during a storm as they can be damaged if there is an electrical surge.
  • Keep the charging points clean before putting them in the charging case– This ensures a long life span of the product, if the charging point is not properly clean it will start accumulating dirt and dust. Eventually, due to this accumulation, it will lead to charging points not working as intended.


Chapter 7: Advantages of using TWS Bluetooth headsets

  • Comfortable and secure– These headsets are designed for maximum comfort and even a secure fit. Additionally, they come with longer-lasting battery lives, they can survive for a long period before the need to charge them.
  • They offer freedom of movement– Once you purchase a True Wireless you can be sure of total audio freedom as you have the freedom to talk as you walk. With the TWS Bluetooth headset, you can work, exercise, and do laundry without the need of holding your phone
  • The sound is excellent– Amazing sound is achieved easily with wireless Bluetooth headsets as there is reduced usage of wires.
  • They have amazing features and functionality– The market provides a wide variety of headsets that produce the best sound quality for example noise cancellation and bar boosting capabilities.


Chapter 8: Disadvantages of using TWS Bluetooth headset

  • More expensive than wired headsets– Being a new and more developed technology most TWS headsets are more expensive than wired headsets. For instance, a cheap wired headset might cost a little less dollar than the TWS headsets in the market today.
  • They are fragile– Wired headsets are less likely to damage when dropped, unlike TWS Bluetooth headsets which are prone to damages.
  • Causes risk to the health of the user– It causes health effects to the user if not carefully used or when worn for long hours with high volume on. One of the risks to user’s health is ear damage.

Chapter 9: Recommended TWS Headset

Looking for the best noise-canceling earbuds, with the terrific sound quality? Try Sonun TW009 truly wireless earbuds made of ultra-lightweight material and fantastic sound quality. Engineered to create a secure fit and comfortable to wear for long periods, these earbuds provide you with high-performance audio solutions.

Compact yet powerful Sonun TW009 delivers a richer bass and is easy to be paired with your devices. A single recharge offers you to enjoy music for 3-4 hours, or a talk time of about 2-3 hours. Battery standby time is around 180 days when the device is in off mode.

Highly sensitive, these earbuds work well with a Bluetooth distance of 10 meters, and offer controls to play, pause, skip tracks, launch various voice assistants like ‘Siri’, accept or reject calls, volume level, and much more. They come with a cute charging box and you can choose your pair from four different colors available.


Bottom line

With electronics, it is always advisable to have enough knowledge about the device before deciding to purchase one. For instance, for devices like TWS headsets, it would be wise to thoroughly research them to make the right decision before purchasing one.



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